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Cleaning after moving

The moving cleaning includes:
• Cleaning of fan, white goods, lighting and kitchen doors (kitchen)
• Cleaning of sinks, counters, kitchen furniture & drawers (kitchen)
• Cleaning inside, outside and under of oven, fridge, freezer & dishwasher (kitchen)
• Cleaning of tiles (kitchen)
• Cleaning of bath, sink and toilet (bathroom / WC)
• Cleaning of shower walls, shower cabin walls and mirrors (bathroom / WC)
• Cleaning of appliances inside and outside (bathroom / WC)
• Cleaning of floor drains and valves (bathroom / WC)
• Cleaning of storage areas (bathroom / WC)
• Wiping of lighting (bathroom / WC)
• Cleaning of floors & elements (all rooms)
• Cleaning of wardrobes, inside and outside (all rooms)
• Dust drying of all open areas (all rooms)
• Cleaning of skirting boards, doors, frames, contacts, window sills, free surfaces high up, for example on top of cabinets and wardrobes (all rooms)
• Cleaning of windows (all rooms)
• Vacuuming & wet drying (all rooms)

Before moving cleaning
-Make sure that the home is empty and that the fridge and freezer are removed and switched off.
-Remove the front of the bath / jacuzzi so that our staff can clean underneath.
- Existing damage must be reported before cleaning begins, for example windows that cannot be opened.
-If you want cleaning of side areas such as balcony, exterior of window panes, storage, laundry and garage, you can order this separately.
-If the ceiling is extra high, a longer ladder must be available in the home for our staff.

What is not done
-Wet drying of painted / wallpapered walls & ceilings (dusted off).
-Purishing of outside windows where ladder must be used to access.
Cracked windows are not cleaned.
-Emptying of ash in the wood stove is not included.
-Disassembly of electrical equipment (such as lighting etc.) and disassembly of water traps.
Blinds not included (can be ordered separately).
-If washing machine & dryer are on top of each other, these are not pulled out.
-If cleaning between the glasses (on the oven door) requires tools to access, the customer must disassemble and assemble the door himself. Our staff does not unscrew anything.
-Exterior cleaning of plot.

It is informed by telephone

Book by phone or e-mail. Not available in subscription form but subscribed when needed.
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